When You Have To Pick Your Own Switch


This is a live sermon preached by Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr. from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church pulpit where he is the Senior Pastor.

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The text was taken from 1 Chronicles Chapter 21 Verse 11 where King David numbered his troupes, and it offended God. The punishment he received for doing so, was three choices he had to make. Three years of famine, three months in the hands of nature or three days in the hands of God with pestilence. Rev. Flemming uses this text to talk about the chastizement of parents back in the day with their children. David had to pick his own punishment and there was a time when parents made their children pick their own switch. Though it is illegal to do this today, people of the old days used a switch for chastisement to keep the children in line. This sermon had gotten great reviews and it brings back memories so we hope you enjoy it.


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