Stormy Weather


This sermon is bound to lift every spirit and enlighten every listener who is experiencing troubled times in their lives.

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Reverend Timothy ” The Little Man with a Big Voice” Flemming, preaches up a storm with this sermon…Stormy Weather!

In recent years, we’ve had many snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and even mudslides… All have been unusual occurrences that have taken the lives of countless people. In spite of man’s technological know-how, he’s helpless in a storm. just as these natural storms occur, so do emotional storms brought on by economic conditions, terrorism, sickness, and other disasters that test our faith in God.

“Jesus Christ calls us to put our trust in him when stormy weather arises in our lives”, preaches Pastor Timothy Flemming. Reverend Flemming delivers a comforting message reminding us that Jesus controls even the stormy sea, lightning, rain, sleet, snow, and all he has to do is speak and the winds behave. Stormy weather is “a Flemming masterpiece”, that’s bound to lift those who are going through a storm.

“Keep Christ on your boat and you will have control of all of life’s storms”, says Rev. Flemming.


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