Snakes In The Church


Rev. Flemming Sr. describes how many people often behave like snakes; how they are cunning, wise, beautiful and dangerous.

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This sermon was preached in 1996 and it stirred over 50,000 at the National Baptist Convention in Orlando, Fl. Rev. Timothy Flemming shared the same platform with former President Bill Clinton on that day. The New York Times was so impressed with this sermon that it called Rev. Timothy Flemming one of the best “sonorous, Bible-fulminating orator and gifted firebrand pulpiteer of our times…” (September 7, 1996).

This sermon describes people as snakes in the church who thrive on tearing down the body of Christ with venomous lies, gossip, and strife. This is a masterpiece and you are sure to be blessed with humor, conviction, and passion.


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