Smelling Yourself


Rev. Flemming Sr. illustrates how prideful and arrogant many Christians have become.

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In an ever-changing world of scientific technology where man has become proud and arrogant, it seems so easy to forget God. In this sermon, Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr. explains how the Pharisee and the Publican went up to pray and how the Pharisee thought himself to be better than the Publican. Some of us remember those times when we were younger and were trying to assert our independence, and our parents would say, “You’re too big for your britches, and now you’re smelling yourself”  Rev. Flemming draws on this familiar cliche to illustrate how proud and arrogant many Christians are today. We know that this sermon will bless you as it stresses the fact that “pride goeth out before destruction.” As Christians, we should never think of ourselves more highly than we ought. Rather, we should learn to pray the Publican’s prayer, “Lord, be merciful unto me,” anytime we get too big for our britches and we start smelling ourselves.


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