Old Time Camp Meeting Songs, Vol 6


The Old Time Camp Meeting Songs collection is one of the greatest triumphs in modern history. Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr. had not only reached back into time in history – a period where men and women who were sold into slavery and being crushed under the weight of oppression and unbearable human misery – but he captured the voices of that period and brought them right into the 21st century with this project.

These aren’t merely songs; they’re a testament to the awesome power of God to change and transform even the most harrowing situation; they are the encapsulation of an era in American history. This project preserves the songs the slave sung – songs that would have otherwise been lost…forever.


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  1. God Ain’t Dead, He’s Still Alive
  2. Got A Mind To Do Right
  3. Younder Comes My Jesus
  4. The Blood Signed My Name
  5. The Story Of Job
  6. Every Time I Feel The Spirit
  7. The Black Man’s Prayer (Decon Samuel Cainion)
  8. I Saw The Light
  9. Zacchaeus Come On Down
  10. Get Away Jordan
  11. Oh Lord, I Want To Lean On You
  12. Everything Belongs To God
  13. When The Storms Of Life Are Raging
  14. Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land


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