It Wasn’t Much but It Was Enough


The importance of making it on a little bit of resources.

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This is one if the most powerful sermons ever recorded live with Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr. preaching at the Atalanta City Auditorium for WAOK Radio announcer Edmond Patterson’s Anniversary, when he was only 24 years old and the newly called Pastor at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in 1975. And he ripped the house up with his sermon “It wasn’t much, but it was enough.” and at the end, he sang Mahalia Jacksons’ song “Move on up a little higher.” After which, Mr. Patterson had to literally stop him and sit down because the audience was so overwhelmed by the power of his preaching and singing. Mr. Patterson named him “The little man with a big voice.”

When you hear this sermon you will understand why he was rated one of the most powerful young preachers to come from Macon, GA, and the city of Atlanta. This sermon along with God’s Insurance Company (which can also be found on YouTube) are 2 old classics from Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr.

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