Can You Walk On Water



There are times in a Christian’s life when he/she will be forced to make a very important decision: trust in God or perish.

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In this Message, Rev. Timothy Flemming, Sr. expounds on the trials we’re often faced with, and our struggle to trust God in the midst of them. Easier said than done, trusting God is more than lip service, or simply going to church, or even praying prayers. Trusting God means relying on His Word, obeying Him regardless of how you feel or what you go through, and seeling Him rather than seeking things. We must all learn how to trust God and step out of our boats of comfort, fear, apprehension, doubt, stagnation, and depression, and learn to walk on top of the very circumstances that weigh us down. This message is a must-have for everyone seeking to step out of defeat and walk in victory.


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